-- Who's Carla?

You know #1
I love to dance,
Always have!
You know #2
Every day I am spending time in nature,
that's where I relax and get inspired.
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You know #3
I'm very happily married to Carlos.
You know #4
I have been meditating every day for over 30 years.
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You know #5
My laughter can be heard from afar
and I like to be a little crazy!
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You know #6
Although I love to be with people, I also like to be alone a lot (if you want to put a label on it: introverted and highly sensitive)
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My name is Carla van der Leeden, consciousness mentor, life coach - psychologist.

There is so much more possible than what your life looks like now!

And how great would it be if you could see that more and more and go for the best. I was allowed to do that myself, many years ago. And believe me, life has become so much more beautiful because of it.

Partly because my mother died when I was very young, I had learned at an early age to do a lot myself, from willpower, and from always continuing. I was surviving; until I really started seeing myself and standing up for myself.

With my background in psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, spiritual training, and a good dose of life experience, I have counseled thousands of people over the past 40 years.

I know what works.
I also know that it requires commitment.
And perseverance.
And trust.
Because ultimately it's up to you
to make the choices.

My role is to guide you as best I can.

Because know
You're not fractured
You're not broken.
At most, you've drifted.

Hidden under layers
From Beliefs
Created by experiences,
Appropriate to the moment.

It's time
Time to stand up for yourself
To stand fully behind yourself
To remove those layers.

Back to you
Back to what you want
How you wanna live

And if you feel.........
that there is a desire,
to different,
towards more
for real,
into your core.

Then I'm going with you
on a voyage of discovery
To who you really are

So you can shine
And start living the life you're meant to live.

Flow Your Energy
life coach

What can I do
for you?

I would love to help you so you can make the transformation. I only work with people who take full responsibility and have 100% commitment. Then success guaranteed!

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