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I work 1 on 1 in my coaching programs. Matching where you stand and what you need, based on 40 years of experience in coaching people.

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I will tune in to you using your name, your photo and your energy. I will send you a short personal message by e-mail. This can give you more clarity, just that confirmation you needed, help you on your way again, etc. These messages are always useful. 


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You had those big dreams, remember?
In your pursuit of the ultimate life...
Where anything can be done... and anything is possible...

And along the way.....
you might have
secretly forgotten
who you really are.

Because through the running and the flying
and by living your often hectic live;
you realize that you've given away the reins
and you have strayed further and further from your path.

By slowing down
and become conscious,
you remember yourself again

It's time.

Flow Your Energy

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wish I knew them before, when I was looking for inner peace

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1 x per week I will come live to answer questions and topcis that are playing now and have been asked to me.

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Carla is so good at sensing where my pain points lie and she knows how to bring them to the surface for me and I can work with that. She confronts me to get things moving, but always with an enormous gentleness. With Carla I experience that it's good the way it is, without judgement. I don't have to make it better or worse. That is an important factor for me to really show myself during a session.
Customer Flow Your Energy
I went to Carla because I was searching and felt lost. I had an urgent need for guidance and understanding. Someone who would understand me, but who would also hold up a mirror to my face. I wanted to move forward in my life, develop myself further, but I needed help with that, I knew that. I found all this with Carla and I am very grateful. I feel so much better.
Customer Flow Your Energy

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I would love to help you so you can make the transformation. I only work with people who take full responsibility and have 100% commitment. Then success guaranteed!

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