What can I offer you?

Foundation for a happier life


In this course I will teach you all about how to take better care of yourself throughout the day and build a solid foundation.

So that you get closer to yourself and what you really want.

At the moment, this is only available in Dutch. Please get in touch if you want to know more.

1-to-1 coaching

1 : 1

I work 1 on 1 in my coaching programs. Matching where you stand and what you need, based on 40 years of experience in coaching people.

Book a free call, so see if we are a match.

vip day

VIP day

Exclusively I will work with you on a theme or 1 specific subject, which we will explore together on this day, allowing you to move forward completely.

After an introductory telephone conversation we decide how and what.

What's in it for you:






Flow Your Energy
Foundation for a happier life
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Foundation for a happier life

Take control and follow your own unique path to a happy life.

Currently discounted: €27,- instead of €77,-.

1 : 1 Coaching trajectory

We are going on a journey

-> with where you stand now
-> what you encounter in it
-> and where you want to go.

Everything is allowed.

Intensive and practical,

Farewell to the "old" :

  • Often you can't enjoy yourself anymore, you feel unhappy and you have the feeling that you are being lived.
  • You find it difficult to set boundaries and you often feel tired and unsatisfied.
  • You don't understand what is happening, you have the feeling that you have no control over it.
  • You have the feeling of not being successful, despite trying so hard

And together we walk to the "new":

  • You can enjoy yourself again and you feel happy
  • You learn to set boundaries, recognize signals and choose the things that make you happy and that nourish you.
  • You are in control again and you determine your goals
  • You get a valuable relationship with yourself and others
  • You feel confident, have a solid foundation and are successful.

In 4 months we will go through all the steps necessary to achieve this.

"Your life will never be the same; and its definitely changing for the best."

In a free telephone interview I will look with you what I can do for you, to achieve great results.

1-to-1 coaching
Life coach Haarlem

VIP day

Really a day for you!

In which we go in depth together in different ways with a theme or a specific subject of yours.

On this day we will ensure that much more clarity and possibilities/solutions arise and that you can continue with this yourself, charged up and full of energy.

In a free telephone interview I will discuss with you what the best course of action is for you, to achieve the best result.

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Read below some experiences of clients at Flow Your Energy.

Carla is sweet, doesn't judge and allows everything to be there. And in the meantime, she'll fill your backpack to help you find your path again. Without exaggerating: Carla has changed my life and I am very grateful to her. incredibly grateful. I now enjoy my life so much, I have a lot more confidence and can enjoy a lot more; including of my children. Carla also gave me a lot of insights into my business and it is now flourishing like never before.
Customer Flow Your Energy
What I like about Carla is that she really sees me. I'd had quite a few coaches and psychologists, but I never really had the depth. It always kept gnawing at me and I couldn't make the real transformation. I hated that I was seen as stronger or different than I was. Carla really saw me and was there for me. Made me see things that I immediately knew were right, without being so aware of it myself.
Customer Flow Your Energy
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