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Welcome at Flow Your Energy – in English

Do you want to live more happy, overcome obstacles and feeling better?

This is the first step you can take towards achieving a happier and more fulfilling life. Together we can begin and continue this journey , removing issues that are blocking or bothering you; so you can reach a more calmer, lighter and positive state of being.

It’s not only “Talk the talk” , but mostly “Walk the walk”. You have to take the step in order for you to change what you don’t like or holding you back. To live fully and more happy. And it is possible!

I am specialized in creating a safe, supporting and loving environment for you; to clear away old emotional issues and to connect you back in your own power and understanding.

Because I am not only coaching you, but in the meantime I combine it with healing; you will see that the process and transformation is going more faster. Through these healing your highest potential gets re-activated.                                                            

It’s not only ‘Talk the talk’,
but mostly ‘Walk the walk’.

- Carla

Effects of my coaching and healing:

  • Healing on a physical, mental and emotional level
  • Letting go of negative patrons and healing from trauma’s
  • More harmony, self-awareness and self-confidence
  • More awareness of your  purpose and direction in life
  • Realization of your talents and possibilities

Practical Information:

I work mostly with individual clients on a one- to –one basis; but there are certainly possibilities to consult me for couples or groups as well

Individual session appointments can be held in person in Haarlem (the Netherlands), trough telephone or on Skype. The experiences with Skype are as much beneficial  then the appointments in person; so therefor there are no limitations wherever you are in the world or wherever I am. The sessions can be hold in English, as well as in Dutch.

Individual session Flw Your Energy Carla


Please ask for the possibilities

Every individual is unique. Therefor, feel free to ask for the possibilities for English sessions for your needs. Press the blue bottom or send an e-mail to: info@flowyourenergy.com to get advice and additional information.


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