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Choice of:

- Selenite iceberg tower measuring approx. 10 cm


- Selenite heart
flower of life
tree of life
angel wings

For operation and product specifications, see description.

Selenite is named after Selena, the goddess of the moon, and is also known as the stone of angels.
Selenite has a high vibration. This stone is protective, relaxing and insightful. It also promotes balance, harmony, tranquillity and peace with yourself and your environment; in addition, selenite promotes contact with angels and guides. Selenite stimulates a clear mind and provides insight into your life lessons and cleanses your aura.
Selenite cannot come into contact with water; however, you can occasionally charge it under moonlight so that it can do its work to the full.

The effect of the stones does not depend on their size. Each of the stones has been selected by me personally with great care and attention to their energy and power.


Selenite iceberg tower, Selenite heart

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