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This Flow Portal Higher Self is part of 3 unique Flow Portals; which are a powerful activation for your heart, mind and soul to connect, heal and transform you on a deeper level.

This Flow Portal Higher Self contains an image and QR code of a guided meditation with unique sounds tuned to the highest vibrational frequency in the energy.

The latter was made in collaboration with my husband who has his own studio.

Limited Edition

For this particular project, I brought everything together. It was a project of years, to fine-tune everything and that it is the Portal that takes you forward.

My energy and my healing gifts.
My energy is in each photo with its own frequency. Earth, Heart and Higher Self.

You can place them in your home using an easy stand, and choose one that suits you at that moment. The results I am already hearing back from the Flow Portals are amazing and mindblowing.

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